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"...we will give ourselves continally to prayer, and to the ministry of the Word." Acts 6:4


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"Flame of Fire Ministry" is an extension of "The Craig Hobbs Evangelistic Association".  Although FOFM is based in Malawi, we have intentionally not limited it to that country. We have already done ministry in border villages where the ministry has reached into Mozambique and Zambia. 

In the village of Gome on the Mozambique border, I had the privilege of leading the Muslim Chief to the Lord along with his wife and 6 others in his inner circle.  FOFM will take the "Jesus Film" into Gome in July, and Dalitso will preach there.  Many from Mozambique will attend. 

In the village of Mchinji on the Zambia border, we have ministered with Pastor Godfrey Pilli at First Baptist Church.  While preaching there, I saw the Lord miraculously save 277 people.  Pastor Pilli has two preaching points in Zambia where we will be extending our outreach.  Also, we have a connection in Mfuwe, Zambia, about 4 hours into the country from Malawi.  I traveled to this city while I was there in May, 2013.

The vision of FOFM is to put "God-called evangelists" from Malawi taking the gospel to Malawi and beyond.  Before we even shared this vision, God began sending men to me telling me they felt God calling them to evangelism.  We began with 4 men in what I called "stage 1" to spend 3 months praying as to God's direction.  All 4 of those feel a definite call to evangelism.  All 4 of these are seminary graduates with 3 of them serving a church or churches.  We have moved these 4 into "stage 2" where we are trusting the Lord to provide for us to send them one time each 6 months for the next 12 months (twice in the next year) to a mission endeavor which God has put on their heart.  We have told them not to leave their church (unless of course God directs them to do so), but to do this under the involvement of their church.  We do not pay any salary for anyone including Dalitso, our Malawian Director.  We expect the people at the place they go to minister will feed and lodge them, and we will provide for their transportation.  Each evangelist is to provide their vision and plan 6 weeks in advance so that we have time to gather and send funds and for time to pray.  We also have one other in "stage 1".  Three planned trips have been submitted, and we are excited that even while we are here in the USA, ministry is taking place in Malawi through FOFM. 



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