Evangelist Craig Hobbs



 2017 has been an incredible year as the Lord has abundantly blessed our family and our ministry. Another grandchild tops it off perfectly. In the attached December newsletter, you will see a picture of her.

We are praying that the Lord will provide some pressing needs and trusting Him. In 2018, we will take 220 Bibles in multiple languages to 200 villages and 20 schools in Africa. The cost for each Bible is $11 for a total of $2,420.
We will also take 30 soccer balls with the gospel printed on them to 20 schools, a refugee camp, and other places. The cost with an air pump is $20 each for a total of $600.
These are just 2 of the many ways you can be a part of this evangelistic ministry. The thousands of dollars that will be needed for the crusade in Mzuzu in 2018 and other places in the near future seems overwhelming, but God is faithful. Your year-end contribution to this non-profit organization will be used to take the gospel to America and to the uttermost part of the world.

We are blessed to be spending a few weeks near home, serving at Morris Trinity Baptist Church while they wait for the Lord to send their next Pastor. Of course, we remain busy with preparations and other events that the Lord puts on our schedule. It has also been a privilege to spend some time in multiple nursing homes and care facilities as the Lord gives us open doors. Let me encourage each of us to take some time during this season to remember some of our senior adults who may feel as if they have been forgotten.

Evangelist Craig Hobbs


 Wife’s Wisdom

“…Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of hosts: the whole earth is full of His glory.” (Isaiah 6:3)


The glory of God is the infinite beauty and greatness of God’s perfection. We should realize that everything around us is revealing the glory of God. The beauty of His creation, the amazing way that He takes care of us, and the manner in which He orchestrates our lives are just some of the places where we can stand in awe of His glory.


Another of the great evidences of His glory is seen when He brings a new life into this world. Our beautiful granddaughter was born on November 16, and she is adorable and dainty, and such a good baby.


There is nothing that compares, however, to the glory of God seen in His Son, Jesus Christ. This is the essence of His beauty. The love God has for us was all wrapped up in His Son. He showed kindness, mercy, compassion, boldness, devotion, compatibility, understanding, power, humility, meekness, perfection, lowliness, and most of all, LOVE. God sent Him not only to be an example, but by His own blood, to save us from hell so we could live eternally with Him.


So, this season let’s show our example of these attributes to everyone, and let us bring glory to Him.


                             From My Heart to Your Heart,

Traci        918-759-0847

Flame of Fire Ministry


The follow up ministry in Mozambique was great. We met two pastors and other church leaders at Chipulumutso Baptist Church in Mozambique. Pastor Lusiyano Phiri led the Mozambique team and here are some of the comments:

It was the first time for the church to be taught about evangelism in Villa Ulongwe area. They have been receiving training on leadership and church administration but not strategies in evangelism. The churches have organized teams for evangelism and members have taken their responsibility of sharing the word of God. Many people thought that the duty of witnessing belongs to pastors only but after that training people are able to share their faith boldly. Pastor Lekison Nasongole of Mwatizi Baptist Church said that there is fire in the church now. Pastor Joao Sandy of Missao Baptista Ulongwe said that he was very much inspired with the teachings and he felt as if he was not doing more in the kingdom. He was more encouraged. Our trainings had an impact even in families as they targeted women and children as well. They need more time for Family evangelism teaching because all starts in the family.

They have asked if we can include topics dealing with false teachings that are creeping in the church in the name of evangelism.