Evangelist Craig Hobbs


Brother Craig is the president of the Oklahoma Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists (OCOSBE) for the year of 2015.  He was also featured in a recent article from an online magazine included below.

Craig Hobbs, Evangelist Extraordinaire  

There was a time when many folk who knew Craig Hobbs might have questioned his judgment, if not his sanity.  You see, Craig had the best of two worlds.  He was a popular teacher, coach and athletic director of Wilson high school.  He was also serving a local church as bi-vocational pastor. 

 But Craig felt very strongly that God was leading him into full-time evangelism.  How would you have handled this dilemma?  Would you have been willing to give up a nice, comfortable position with a good income, and depend entirely on the Lord to supply all your family’s needs?  Craig did, and God is blessing his ministry in a mighty way. 

If one word could describe Craig’s style of preaching, that word would have to be: unique!  When Craig goes to the pulpit to preach, he opens his Bible and places it on the pulpit, but never reads from it.  He uses no notes.  Craig quotes all the many passages of scripture he uses from memory; never missing a word.  Stepping down from the pulpit, he stands before the pulpit to deliver his sermon.  

But the most unique and compelling feature of his sermons is that after he establishes a  theme in an initial passage of scripture, he incorporates passages from many other books of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation—quoting all scripture, some very lengthy, all from memory, to build, as few can build, an exposition with such great depth and detail, one is almost mesmerized.   It is quite obvious that God has gifted Craig with an inordinate insight into the Holy Scriptures.  

Craig seldom preaches longer than 20 minutes, but he can cram more into a 20 minute sermon than most of us can in 45 minutes.

Craig lives in Haskell, Oklahoma and can be reached on his cell phone at 918-752-7244.







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