Evangelist Craig Hobbs




As some are already aware, our travel agency who we have used since we began going to Africa 6 years ago, cancelled all of our purchased airline tickets 5 days before we were to travel. Praise the Lord, we were able to get last-minute tickets through another travel agent, but at a much higher rate than the October prices when we originally purchased. We had to spend an extra $6,000 for these. However, we also have seen a report that this travel agency has over half of a million dollars in non-refunded payments and is under investigation by the FBI. $25,500 of that is from us. Although we have an email that says we will get a refund on May 4th, that will be later than what we need for the May crusade and trip. We could borrow the money until then, but it may never be refunded or at least be delayed significantly. We are trusting the Lord and waiting for His miracle in regard to this $31,500 matter. Nothing changes in our plans. Thank you for praying with us.


 Wife’s Wisdom

So many prayers have been answered this year. And what a year this has been! So, for starters, thank you for praying for us and our ministry.

We have witnessed so many salvations across the world and in our own community. What a blessing we should find in being obedient and seeing fruit. The Bible says that the key to this happening is for us to love God and to love people. And we love to see people come to the source of this love that is in us – our precious Lord Jesus Christ.

We also strive to make a home where everyone feels like they are loved, accepted, and well cared for. Let me share a little from our family as we enter 2018.

Caleb and Olivia are doing well, and living in Tulsa. He continues to enjoy his job with the University of Tulsa, and makes regular plans to get his siblings together on campus for playing sports. He is going through some recovery procedures after being involved in an accident recently, but seems to be doing well. I am excited to report that Olivia has made the decision to stay at home, and she loves taking care of their home and family. They are both amazing in their roles as uncle and aunt.

Summer has had a rough year, but the Lord has recently brought some miracles in her life, and the lives of her children Autm, Eden, and Amin. Summer is such a good mother, and she has been homeschooling and working out of her home to try to meet her financial needs. Recently, God has brought a new direction for them. Summer has been hired to teach mathematics and English in the Wilson Henryetta School System, where she graduated as valedictorian several years ago. Her children will be attending school there, and all of them will have Godly teachers that have been family friends for a long time. Autm likes horses and has enjoyed meeting new friends at school. Eden likes interpretive dance, making new friends, and taking care of her little brother. Amin is crazy about anything remote control and all kinds of vehicles, and is doing good in his transition to school.

Conner and Sarah have had a blessed year, as Clark turned 1 in October. Conner has taken a break from school, and is working as a civil engineer with a surveying company. Sarah is working at Saint Francis South Hospital. They are enjoying being parents and are very good at it. Clark loves playing ball and especially enjoys playing with his cousins.

Corey and Suezann were blessed to add a baby girl (Eve) to the family in November, and Ace was equally excited. They are both such good parents. Corey continues working for Nabisco and gets regular opportunities to travel to college and professional sporting events working for ESPN. Suezann is still on maternity leave, and blessed to spend this time with her babies. Ace likes playing ball, and he gets so excited when he sees horses and cows. He is being a good brother to Eve. She has been such a good baby and is growing and seems so intelligent already. Of course, all of my grandchildren are.

Let me add, also, that all of our grandchildren have such wonderful and Godly grandparents and families on our in-laws’ side of the family, and this blesses Craig and me so much. We do not take this for granted.

Craig has been so busy with a short-term position at Morris Trinity Baptist, and getting ready to return to Africa in February. He enjoys time with children and grandchildren, and an occasional opportunity to be on the golf course.

We’ve had a very busy year, but things are calm at the moment. We are called to be patient and wait while here on earth, while our Lord is preparing our home in heaven. I stay busy running errands and taking steps to fill our home with love and God’s Word. I love taking care of my wonderful precious babies when needed. I am enjoying my widows’ ministry, and I’ve been raising puppies. God has gifted me with a mind and a heart that loves Him and wants to be His hands and feet. We will continue to do all for His glory forever and ever. Amen.


                             From My Heart to Your Heart,

Traci        918-759-0847

Flame of Fire Ministry


The follow up ministry in Mozambique was great. We met two pastors and other church leaders at Chipulumutso Baptist Church in Mozambique. Pastor Lusiyano Phiri led the Mozambique team and here are some of the comments:

It was the first time for the church to be taught about evangelism in Villa Ulongwe area. They have been receiving training on leadership and church administration but not strategies in evangelism. The churches have organized teams for evangelism and members have taken their responsibility of sharing the word of God. Many people thought that the duty of witnessing belongs to pastors only but after that training people are able to share their faith boldly. Pastor Lekison Nasongole of Mwatizi Baptist Church said that there is fire in the church now. Pastor Joao Sandy of Missao Baptista Ulongwe said that he was very much inspired with the teachings and he felt as if he was not doing more in the kingdom. He was more encouraged. Our trainings had an impact even in families as they targeted women and children as well. They need more time for Family evangelism teaching because all starts in the family.

They have asked if we can include topics dealing with false teachings that are creeping in the church in the name of evangelism.